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How do I cancel if I have a subscription?


please email support@349trading,com 


Check the FAQ section on DISCORD

Is the subscription charged weekly?

Yes, it is automatically charged every week. You do not need to subscribe every week to continue the membership.

How can I change or update the credit card I use for the membership?

ONLY if you are already on our DISCORD server.

If still on SPACES by WIX, you need to subscribe to our DISCORD server and then cancel you subscription on SPACES following the instructions above.

How can I follow your alerts ?

ALL alerts are on our DISCORD server

What are your rules?

1.) Study our disclaimer and rules BEFORE joining the Platform. By continuing with your purchase, you certify that you have read and agreed to all of them. 

2.) Be respectful of other members, no racism or any other ism's.

3.) No personal attacks, bashing, insulting, trolling or threatening of other members of this Platform.

4.) We all started somewhere! Help new traders and investors out if you can! No sarcasm or purposely misleading advice!

5.) No advertising, promoting or soliciting other websites or services! We take this rule very seriously, and you will be blocked from the Platform. If you are a Lifetime Member, your membership will be forfeited without refund.

6.) Do your own DD! Don't just follow blindly. Only you are responsible for your own trades.

7.) None of the information posted on this Platform is intended or should be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of any result or trading advice.

8.) We can't and will not tell you to buy or sell anything at any time in this Platform.

9.) Do not discuss politics. Only discuss how politics might affect the market.

10.) Do not spam messages. Try to make and keep the atmosphere on the Platform a positive one.

11.) Do not deliberately spread inaccurate information.

12.) No pornography.

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